The Meaning of a Proven Online Business

Firstly, let me discuss the wider concept of an Online Business, and the fact that a growing number of people have now chosen to ply their trade on or from the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful medium that has allowed everyone with an Internet connection to participate and enjoy success within this new world. Anyone with a small ounce of intelligence and motivation can both start and excel in an online business. However, it must be noted that an Online Business does take many forms, but this is beyond the scope of this article. Let us now explore the phrase ‘Proven Online Business’ by defining each word/component:When we say the word ‘Proven’ we are in effect referring to the past history of an event. For something to be Proven, it must have a track history and must have been demonstrated to a certain degree. Therefore, a PROVEN Online Business is one in which is both established and demonstrated (past tense) to be working – and by this we mean making money!The word Online is pretty straightforward and refers to the good old World Wide Web, which has broken many barriers to traditional business. With an ONLINE business you can practically be anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection) and ‘run’ your business.Finally, we know the meaning of Business but we can add the main reason for people to undertake Business and more specifically an Online Business. Well, the words easy to access, low start up costs, global reach, independence, financial freedom come through my mind and indeed many others when they think of starting an Online Business.Putting it all together, I can now give my view as to the criteria for a Proven Online Business:1. Low Cost Entry – pretty easy really, as not everyone wants to pay an arm and a leg to start.2. Cutting Edge Products – with mass global appeal. This way you have the potential to make money as the underlying product is of high quality and NOT within a saturated market.3. Reputable Company – A company that has Proven itself to be both professional and ethical.4. High Commission Payouts – I don’t know about you but I like to be rewarded for my efforts and in Business this means getting a healthy portion of the cake!5. Sophisticated Marketing System – I am no marketing guru and hence need help and support in this department.